Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bachpan After Pachpan

Childhood - "Bachpan" is said to be the best part of your life. You don't know what fear is, you don't have to be responsible for anything or better, other people are held responsible for your deeds. It is the carelessness which I miss the most. When there wasn't any hesitation. You don't really mind people watching while you were   throwing tantrums at your parents. It was the damn "maturity" which ruined everything.

Any who, I'm way past my childhood and into the maturity zone, though, I do feel I'm kind of stuck in transition  which is the worst, believe me.

I have also learned that old age better than childhood. The carelessness comes back to you. Responsibilities goes down the flush as the new generation takes over. Same was my thought when I saw these children come out and enjoy themselves in the middle of a huge crowd.

The event was organized under the name of " Bachpan after Pachpan " by High Street Phoenix, Mumbai. This flash mob of people aged 55+ rocked the place. They stood tall and presented an example for the people around them. It's hard to get those small little happy moments in this busy life and many of us loose them while regretting over the bad ones. This is one of those moments.

Watching these people on video induces an energy into me, though, I don't prefer to dance - not as child or even as an adult - and don't even planning to do something like it in the future, but yea, it did something to me. I do to have a spirit like this when I reach this age.

Any who, I wanted to take this spirit to as many people as possible and that's is the reason, I've shared this video with you all. Kindly, take an minute and I know a minute would be enough.

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