Monday, December 5, 2011

The day which could have been

This day could have been another of those hundreds of days when I would just lay back, watch a movie or talk to someone on phone or chat the hour out. But don't know why and where got this energy to sit down and try to post an update on my BLOG............. sometimes, it just seems delusional that I'm a blogger. There have been pretty few event in past couple of months which can support that hypothesis.

Believe me, I'm not at all busy, though, I think I have found someone to spend this time and somewhere to spend this time at. In the meanwhile, I have doing a few things. Such as, getting excited for Indiblogger meet this coming Sunday, getting over the dismal loss of my team against the rivals at work in a game of Cricket for which was kinda my fault but it's good that not everyone I knew was watching me perform. Well, when I think about it again, I believe it was the best thing about that Game.

I have also been keeping up with my movies. Some of the recent movies I'm proud of being seen are The Adventures of Tintin - The secret of the Unicorn and Rockstar. Both being directed by people I admire for their work. Tintin is being presented by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson and Rockstar is directed by Imtiaz Ali.

Event though, I have few more things to share but need to get on with my daily routine. So, until next.......... 
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