Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lately It Has Been

May be, its about time. It have been pretty long time, since, I have updated my page. I have been keeping up with my blog and I know it does take some toll of me too. I like writing or, say, updating my blog because this is the only instance where I try my creative mind and try to type. This keeps me in the habit of learning new words and better way of expressing my self. This was the mojo which was keeping my typing consistently last year. Though, I think i have lost it now. Its not like i have busy with work or life. My life and work still sucks the same way as were last year, if not more.

May be Naah, It's surely me. I have been lazy. I have been doing nothing more these lately, then ever. Lying around and just thinking of any and everything. Don't know why, but i have a hunch that one day the lying around will help me. God knows what will that day be like.

May be someday, my life won't be like my inbox with only spam mails and nothing meaningful.

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