Friday, April 22, 2011

Love And Other Drugs - Love And Romance

It's been a long time since i saw a movie before this movie. The reason for being Two and Half Men, which i'm trying to complete these days. However, watching the same daily again and again, just took a little bit of fun out of the it, so i went for a movie for change. Then, came the decision of what to watch, but it was a easy one for me and i went for a Romantic movie. Thus, landed on Love And Other Drugs.


The cast made it easy for me to choose this movie. I have been a fan of Anne Hathaway since her "Princess Dairies" days. She a fab actress and so beautiful. I have been following Jake too. I have a lot of his movies too especially after "Brokeback Mountain", which was the first Jake Gyllenhaal movie i saw. So, there wasn't much of a fight in going for this movie.


Jamie is a player and great with girls. He joins Pfizer as a medical rep, hoping for big money. After he becomes one of the regular, he meets Maggie, who's is effected by Parkinson and wants to live free spirited life and wouldn't stop for anyone or anything. Jamie falls for her especially to her attitude. He asks her out but gets turned down but didn't gave up. He pursues her to go out with her but gets shocked when Maggie asks him to "just do it with and get over and not to fall in love with her". Then, starts the spree of multiple sexual meaning less encounters. In between, Jamie gets one of the first opportunities to sell Viagra, which makes him one of the best in the business. Big paychecks, option to join the bigger league at the headquarters and et cetra.

But, during these meaning less sexual encounters, both fall for each other. Jamie puts in all the time and money he had to find the best doctors in the business for Maggie, however, the chances of maggie being Parkinson free were thin. After a few months of wandering from one doctors office to other, all the around the states, Maggie gives up and believes that Jamie can't live with a sick Parkinson affected girl and it will get worse and breaks up with him.

But then, does Jamie gives up too and other answers makes the climax of this beautiful love story.

Good Things

Great performances by Jake and Anne is the backbone of the movie. It's a good romantic movie and a safe bet for the people who love romance and drama. Good music and script also adds to the advantages of watching it.

Bad Things

Well, i liked this movie so i'll be biased and say it's is almost a perfect watch. However, watching though a neutral eye, people may say that they have seen similar kind of story-lines which brings a disadvantage to the movie.

Any who, this is worth a watch for the people who love watching love on the big screen. A must watch for the Jake and Anne Hathaway fans too.

7/10 from me
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