Saturday, April 23, 2011

Life's Not Easy

I'm not good at writing neither i intend to. This time too i'm trying to express. This goes out to one of my friend or a person, as we still need to hit that threshold which technically makes us friends. Any who, i know the person and more over i know what my friend is going through.

Life's not good and so not easy, at least to many a common people. It never turns out the way you want it to. But that's the way it has always been and we need get over it. I haven't seen even half the day light as much as my said to be friend has. But one thing i have learned in my life that nothing lasts long and neither will this. You will get out of it.

One thing which matters at this time are the decisions. First thing decisions should be that they should always be yours so that you have no one else to blame it to when they don't work out. Only bad decisions make a one grow.

And the last thing, to always be calm. Never take anger take over you.

I know that i suck at this and will never be good at this but i never give up. Think this is pretty cool. Well, even i don't know what I'm doing but i felt really good in my head. But, i do feel good after this. I hope i could help.

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