Sunday, March 27, 2011

Being With Mr. Chandler Bing

Well as always, i was watching one of Friends episode, which i always do to relax and take my mind off the world and my life. One thing which hit me while watching FRIENDS this time and also which i never ever thought of was how tough would it be to be in Monica Gellar-Bing shoes.

Living a life time with a funny guy. Funny guy, who isn't good with emotions. The one who replaces all of his emotions with a joke. Living with the fear that the funny guy may never grow up. Funny is good but for lifetime, i mean there are times one had to be tough. No wonder, Chandler wasn't Ross and Rachel's first choice to give their baby to after they die.

I know loving the guy helps but it needed a women like Monica who can bring all this together. It's not that i feel sad for Chandler, he's a great man and my favorite of the group but women are more into mature guys. Man, to say is correctly. Chandler Bing, man, you were lucky to get Monica as your life partner.

I wanted to end this post with something big or good to say, but i think, i'll be selfish again and be optimistic about another Monica around somewhere in the world.

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