Sunday, January 2, 2011

Carving A New House

Everybody dreams about a house of his/her own and making exactly the way they always dreamed of. I always wished of a house somewhere away from the urban area and away from the concrete jungle. Somewhere in the middle of a paddy field where you smell the freshness of the morning.

I just wish if I had some carpentry skills, then would have definitely tried to make some small things. I do find it pretty fascinating how the carpenters cut and shape the wood to make something so beautiful. And the tools, they are like their brushes using which they make these beautiful art. I always wanted to get into something creative...... although I do find blogging creating too. No offense to blogging or bloggers.

This one time when we needed some wood work to be done, I saw some of the carpentry tools like the annular cutter and others.The most powerful and fascinating tool was metal hole saw which is used to cut through metal and make holes.

Though they may look beautiful, but still, you have to be an expert to operate them. So that's what need to focused first before getting into some serious carpentry.

Any who, enough for now and keep dreaming about your dream house.
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