Monday, December 27, 2010

Like To Love

How many times have you said the latter "L" word to someone...... with purest intent? How do you know if it's the latter "L" not the first one?

I have heard it from many that when the latter "L" happens..... you will the first person to know and contrary to that many people say that you may not recognize it at the same time. Well, they never helped me - the already hell of a confused person. Someone told me to read about it as they feel many a people have written it better than said. So, i tried reading but let me take this opportunity to announce that i suck at reading. I can't read a single page without getting distracted. Obviously, this didn't work out.

I went on to ask people who claim to be part of a true "true" relationship. I asked the same question again, "how do you know....... that now you love the guy/girl?". At the end of the answers, one thing i knew was it's not a day or two thing....... it takes a lot of time and patience. Love at first sight is something which happens to actors on screen and characters in love stories.

I can say that i learned a lot by talking to different people and getting to know what they think of the latter "L" word. Even though, i almost don't believe in the latter "L" but yea, want to be a part of it once in my life.
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