Monday, December 6, 2010


It’s been three weeks since Guzarish was released. However, after I missed it in the first week, I didn’t want to watch it in theater. But things didn’t go like you think. I went to the theater to watch another movie but got to watch Guzarish and I don’t regret my decision.

I wanted to watch the movie since the first promo was launched. But think, they didn’t promote the movie too well. I mean around the days when it was to be released, there wasn’t any big buzz of the movie or may be I was too busy to hear anything about the movie.

Moving on.


I’m not a big Hrithik Roshan fan, but I do like his work. The last movie of his I saw was Dhoom which was about 3-4 years back and this is his third movie since then. Being not a big fan of him, I think I get biased when I think of him as an actor. Even though, people say that Hrithik performance was the best thing of about the movie, but I don’t agree with it. Same goes with Ashwariya Rai, another actor about whom I think of being overblown about. This is my personal opinion, “Ashwariya is no way near the actresses to whom she is compared with.”

May be my biased nature was the reason for me liking the other actors more than the lead. Argue with me if you think I’m wrong, but for me the best performer of the movie was Shernaz Patel.

Then, I also liked Suhel Seth and Aditya Roy Kapoor.

Actually, for me it’s the director who matters. I mean same actors work with different directors but one extracts “Jab We Met” and another “Khushi” or “Tashan”.

Moving On.


The movie is based on an quadriplegic, Ethan Mascarenhas (Hrithik) who was living in the state of complete paralysis and now wants to be free of all the pain and decides to plea for Euthanasia. Ethan lived a glamorous life of being the best magician of the world. But after his accident during a show, his life crashes in every aspect. He appoints his best friend Devyani (Shernaz) to file the petition in the court. Though being completely against the decision, Devyani decides to help his friend.

Sofia (Ashwariya), Ethan’s nurse, gets disappointed by Ethan’s discussion and for not being consulted after giving 12 years of her live to serve him. After Ethan’s plea gets dismissed for the first time, he uses his radio show to gather votes and support for himself. In his pursuit, he also finds a guy who wants to be his student and learn magic tricks from to be as best of a magician as he was once.

The movie is his struggle and journey towards achieving Euthanasia. Does he succeed in his fight against the law of India which doesn’t approve of Euthanasia in condition? Will the government of India make any amendments to more than 50 years old law?   

Good Things

Well, under the topic good things, I want to mention the name of the movie “Guzarish”. You may not the like the songs independent of the movie but it also becomes one of the strongest points when listened with the movie.

Bad Things

I’m giving a Zero on bad things for Guzarish.

Especial Mention

Here, many of us may not give the director the amount of respect and credit for a good movie but I’m, most certainly not one of them. I would like to take a moment and bow to SANJAY LEELA BANSALI for making such a great movie.

9/10 for me.
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