Sunday, November 21, 2010

Home, Trips and Job

It’s been an eventful month and half. Life has taken turns and twists and finally, it seems that I’m heading towards the right way.

Jaivan - Said to be the biggest Cannon of that time. It was fired only once with a 50 Kgs Cannon ball and 100 Kgs of Gunpowder was used.

I’m back at home after, living alone and away from family and friends, almost a year and half. I took a months vacation from working and spent it with my family and friends, took a couple of road trips to two of the most historic cities of India – Agra and Jaipur. And after a month long vacation, I’m back at work, though in a new firm and a new location, which is closer to home, meaning I don’t have to live away from my home.

Let me start from the day I came back. After reaching home, I was overwhelmed by the reactions people gave me. Reactions from family was obvious but from friends was quite unexpected. My friends took time out of their daily working schedule to meet me at my home. I had my next 4 weekends planned with in 24 hrs after I landed home. Then, I got so many messages and online wishes from so many of my online friends on my birthday, whom I really miss now because, nowadays I spend like zero hrs online and reading blogs compared to the amount of time I gave when I was in Bangalore. I will have to blame it on my friends to whom I was eager to meet after a long time.

Moving on, I got lucky when I got to go on two road trips with my friends. I love road trips and India being such a huge country and diverse, even I was surprised by the things we saw on our road trips. Things which we had only heard of but never seen. First road trip to Taj Mahal was a hit. I would say the best part of the trip was that we were only three friends on this trip and three make a good group and more can make a crowd. Any who, this was the second time I saw Taj. Then last weekend, we were in Jaipur and after we reached there, we heard Freida Pinto and Dev Patel were in the town too. But we had everything planned and were on jam packed schedule that they didn’t get to meet us. Poor them.

Coming to the third event, yup, the new job. Best thing about this job is that it’s closer to home and is good for my skill set. Hope to find some good work here and that this firm helps me get what I want.

The city of Jaipur as seen from Jaigarh

Well, I hope this post pretty much explains why I have been out of scene for some time. Also hope to be here more however there are thin chances but will make appearances.

P.S. :- It’s marriage season in India these days plus there are lot of auspicious dates around next couple of weeks. I have received a lot of invitations of my relatives and friends getting married. I haven’t attended a single wedding from last two years, so I’m pretty excited about.

Aamer Fort - It's huge. Loved it. Jodha Akhbar - the movie was shot here.
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