Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crook - Real Issues, Filmy Story

Hey All,

First thing first.......... I'm at home now and enjoying the life here. It's proving to be a great vacation till now and fingers are crossed for ahead.

It's been a long time since i saw a movie in theater. The last movie i saw was "Knight and Day". Yea, this was the only movie i saw in theater in past one n half year. So, i had planned about watching a movie as soon as i come back home and so i did. I went to watch "Crook" today.

Crook comes from one of the most famous banners of India, The Bhatt Camp. Bhatt's have given some of the best of Indian movies of all time. Zakham being my personal favorite. They also work around the real issues in India or affecting Indians like they made a movie based on the flood that hit Mumbai about 4-5 years back. So this time too they went in to do something different.

Crook had made a lot of buzz around because of it's music. The movies has songs like "Challa" and "Mere Bina" which are already hits. Then, Emraan Hasmi is also very popular among the youth. So, i was expecting a good movie again from Bhatt Camp.


Emraan Hasmi, said to be the "Serial Kisser" of Indian movie fraternity. I like Emraan as an actor. He has done some really good movies. I especially liked him in his debut movie. He is also a product of NSD (National School of Drama)  which is supposed to be one of the best and many Indian great actors have been there like Nassir-ud-din Shah to name one.

Neha Sharma makes her debut with this movie. This is her first movie so went in with no opinion of her.

Arjan Bajwa, this is his second movie that i saw. Actually, i didn't even know that he was part of this movie till i saw him on screen. I also believe that the movie wasn't promoted well. I had good opinion of Arjan as an actor from his last movie. He was really good in the movie but his character wasn't one of the prominent characters of the movie and he had lesser footage.

Mohit Suri, has made some different kind of movies and which proved to be successful too. I think Murder was this most successful which also starred Emraan Hasmi, i we can deduct that Emraan hasmi has been kind of his lucky mascot and that's why we see them working together pretty frequently.


An Indian guy (Jai/Suraj) is shifted to Australia forcefully by his foster father, so that Jai can move away from the net of the bad people/mafia to which he was getting trapped.

Jai moves to Australia with a new name Suraj without any criminal records. He starts working for a guy as a cabbie. As suggested by his friend, he tries to not get into any illegal shit and also to get a PR (permanent residency) in Australia. As he starts spending his new life in Australia, he finds the Aussies being racist to Indian and beating them just because of their color. But he wants to stay away from the issue saying “that it’s not his war”. Eventually, he also falls in love with a girl who is working on getting Indians and Aussies to work together and to learn each others culture to kill the Racism issue. Even though Suraj tries hard of not getting involved but he does get into the shit.

How does he lands into the mess? What all he does to get out of it? Does he succeed in his plans? And many other questions are answered in the end.

Good Things

Music was certainly the high point of the movie. I liked the romantic moments in the movie which were really good. I loved the new comer/Debutant Neha Sharma in the movie. She was convincing in the character she portrayed. She looked innocent, cute, beautiful and sexy in different frames of the movie.

Emraan Hashmi has been a good performer and pulls a great performance in this character too. Same with Arjan Bajwa, who have really impressed me even though, this is just his second movie.

Bad Things

The script and the story line felt pretty weak. Would have loved the movie way more if only they had tried giving it a realistic touch. Discrimination on the base of color or nationality is a part of almost every nation which makes it such a great base for a movie but you do have to live up to the mark. The movie did try to chase a good topic but with a very filmy kind of attempt.

5/10 for me.
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