Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Video Conferencing

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Video conferencing is one technology which contributes to globalization of business truly. It takes you to different countries while you sit at your office or even at home. Video conferencing is very important for businesses, I believe, and many businesses depend on it too. Imagine, the scenario, where you are in a video conference with one of your clients but you aren’t getting the best possible video quality. This can obviously affect the course of the meeting. The quality of videos in video conferencing is really important for the smaller or medium sized businesses who can’t afford to loose even a single client.

However, there is a solution, faceVsion HD web cams which truly defines what HD means in video conferencing where as other web cams from big companies like Microsoft Cinema and Logitech Pro 9000 can’t provide you HD quality over internet. Facevsion HD web cams uses H.264 hardware encoder and decoder chip set which is the key to the give you the HD quality over video calls on a lower system requirement and bandwidth.

If you have an existing Gmail account, which I believe must be, and then you can import your contact to the HD video conferencing list, so that you don’t have to explicitly do it. They are also giving away $10 discount if you provide the promotion code FVTBTS2 but the promotion discount end by 09/30/10.

You can also purchase the facevision Express Combo from the faceVision on line store and also some other value added partners. Check more information and different products on their web portal.


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