Friday, September 3, 2010

Women In Trouble - A Surprise

I entitled this movie as "A Surprise" because it was completely different from what i was expecting. I hadn't hear about this movie much but when i found one of it's promos on youtube, i decided to watch it. I did my research on the movie and found a lot of good reviews about the movie, even though, it isn't rated good enough on IMDB, which is like bible to me. But, for once i can say, IMDB is totally wrong about this movie.


I knew no one from the cast of the movie other than Emmanuelle Chriqui. This is, i believe, the fifth Emmanuelle Chriqui movie i have seen. I'm not a fan of Emmanuelle but she is beautiful. Other cast also include, Josh Brolin, but he has a small little character in the movie. I haven't even heard of any other person in the cast earlier.


The consists of 4-5 different stories, affecting different lives and people. The day everybody finds out some of the secrets of their life. A pornstar, Electra, who finds out that she is pregnant and is indecisive about keeping the baby or abortion like the last three times she did. However, she wants to keep the baby because she loves the father a lot. How and what decision she makes is her story. Maxine, a therapist, finds out that her husband has an affair with one of her's patients. Her whole world falls apart and how she recollects everything is her part of the story. Addy and her sister, Doris, have a secret about the parentage of their girl. Doris, is the same women who has an affair with Maxine's husband and her daughter tell Maxine about the affair. Doris meets an accident while talking on the phone and now, is hospital in a crucial condition. How does Addy tell the girl that she is actually her mother is her part of the story. Another story, is of Holly, also a pornstar, who loves her friend, Bambi but haven't been able to tell her about her feeling. How she tells bambi about her feeling is their part of story.

All the stories are interlinked as Electra and Holly are co workers, working together in a porno. Electra know Addy because they both got stuck in the elevator for hours on the same day. Maxine hits Holly with her car and after that they go the bar. So, in short, everybody knows everybody.

The movie will be more clearer while watch it.

Good Things

The movie has a good script and good direction. The director/writer Sebastian Gutierrez weaved a really good story and was successful in showing it on the big screen pretty well. For me, the best performance of the movie was by Adrianne Palicki. 

Bad Things 

Well, their actually isn't any bad things about the movie. You'll love the movie.

7/10 From Me
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