Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Step Up 3D - Gets an "F"

Well, Step Series is loosing the script with every new attempt. I was in a dilemma to watch it or not because i loved the first part the original "Step Up" but the second part "Step Up II" sucked. Well, the promo's of "Step Up 3" were intriguing especially because of the all the cool dance steps. Plus, i'm a Alyson Stoner fan and haven't seen much of her lately. So, i had to watch it.


Well, other than Alyson Stoner i knew no one in the cast. I had seen Adam Sevani but other than his moves, i don't remember much. Though, it is a sequel to Step Up series which created a lot of buzz with the first part but haven't been able to live up to it after that.


The movie focuses on the an dancer's fraternity called the "Pirates". Pirates is led by Luke (Rick Malambri) who provides a living place to all the dancer in the group. But, he is under a lot of debt and haven't been able to pay the rent for the place for several months. The bank tell him that if he won't be able to pay the debt by a particular date, the place will be auctioned. While trying to save the place, Luke spots a new talent in the NYU, Moose (Adam Sevani) who is here to learn engineering with his best friend Camilla (Alyson Stoner). Luke asks Moose to join pirates and compete with them at the world jam. Luke wants to win the world jam so that he can pay off all his debts with the prize money.

Pirates struggle to win the world Jam is the main theme of the movie. The movie also showcases two love stories. First, Moose and Camailla, the best friends, who knows each others importance when they drift apart. Other love story is Luke and Natalie (Sharni Vinson) ,who enters the group as a mole and passed infomation to his brother, lead of the rival group. But when she finds the truth about his brother betraying Luke, she leaves the group.

Good Things

Well, the only good thing about the movie is the dance but then it's not a dance play which we are watching in a theater. The other parts where there no dancing ,the movie sucks big times.

Bad Things

Everybody was great at dancing but think that's only what they concentrated not on acting.

The script is pretty weak. The storyline is very predictable. The movie looses grip of the audience and becomes boring at times.

4/10 from me
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