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Udaan - Flying High With A Great Soul

When i first saw the theatrical promo of this movie, i felt so intrigued to watch this movie. The promo showed a teenager running as his father chases him, but as his father closes on to him, he accumulates all his energy and runs hard and beats father by a long distance. The promo also had a poem in the background which, for me, described the soul of the movie.

Then, as the promotion of the movie started, i saw one of the interview where the producer/writer - Anurag Kashyap and director/writer - Vikramaditya Motwane were talking about the story. At that time, the movie had already made quite a buzz in the critic domain of the industry as it bagged some of the prestigious award in various international movie festivals and also it was showcased at the Cannes Film Festival.

This movie was a must watch for me because Anurag Kashyap is one of my favorite directors currently and Vikramaditya Motwane was the writer of the best movie of last year - Dev D.


Well, to be true, if you have Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane duo directing and writing, the cast doesn't even matter that much because you can take it for granted that they will bring the best out of even the worst of actors in the industry.
Rohan/Rajat Barmecha

This movie bring two of the TV's most famous actors on to the big screen for the first time. Ronit Roy - who didn't had much of luck in the movies when he started his careen in the early 90's but made it really big with his characters on Television. I hadn't seen much of Ronit Roy on television and being in the industry for close to two decades now, i had good expectations from him.

Rajat Barmecha who makes debut with this movie is an unknown face to me. I haven't heard much of him before this movie but the director and producer said so many good thing about him that i was convinced.

Ram Kapoor another actor who started with the small screen, gave great performances and now is making big at the big screen. Ram kapoor also resembles a lot to Alec Baldwin. Both a really good actors. Well, i hadn't seen much of Ram Kapoor before this movie. I obvisouly knew him because he is a really famous small screen actor and have been awarded for it.


The movie focuses on the troubled childhood of Rohan. Rohan, who lives in a boarding school away from home. His father has abandoned him and haven't came to see him for once for last eight years. The movie starts with the day when Rohan is expelled from the school, along with his 3 friends. Rohan leaves the school to go back to his home after eight years. His father - Bhairav - is a cold hearted person.At home, Rohan finds that his father got remarried after he left for hostel but the wife died after while giving birth to their son. His father is furious about him being expelled from the school and instructs him to work in their steel factory as a labour in the morning and to study engineering in the afternoon.
Bhairav/Ronit Roy

Rohan first retaliates but got beaten up by his father. Rohan wants to be a writer and is pretty good at it. But, his father forces him to be a engineer. With no other option in hand, he does the same as instructed. His father also instructs him to not call him as "Dad" or "Papa" but as "Sir". As, the days past by, Rohan comes close to his step-brother Arjun.

When day when he returns from his college and finds his father rushing to hospital with younger brother in hand. Father, explains that his brother tumbled on the stairs but later, rohan finds out that his father had beaten the young kid with a leather belt.

Rohan ends up with a huge fight with his father at the end of the day but could do much because he is dependent on his father financially also because of his younger brother. He talks to his uncle Jimmy (Ram Kapoor) to take care of Arjun and he'll runaway from home. But, his uncle doesn't support the decision.

One day, after a lot of thinking, Bhairav, comes up to the kids and asks them to forgive him. He also comes up with a solution to their problem. He decides to send Arjun to a boarding school away from home, instructs Rohan to give up engineering and to get remarried.

What does Rohan do ? Will he ever stand up against his father? Till what extent he bears the pain? All the questions are answered at the climax which is the best climaxes i have seen in recent years.

Good Things

The performances by the cast is amazing. I loved the background score throughout the movie. The writing and the script. The direction and the lyrics of the different poems and stories which rohan wrote. This is THE BEST movie of 2010. It's a must watch. Watch it for all the actors giving great performances. Watch it for Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane's amazing write up.

P.S. :- I'm not keeping the BAD THINGS part this time simply because there isn't any bad things about the movie. If you find one, you are stupid please post it here, so that i'll know something too.

10/10 from me
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