Sunday, August 29, 2010


Last 24 hours have been really good for be, especially as a blogger/online me.

First, i got this mail from Indiblogger's admin yesterday, saying, i have won a consolation prize for my entry for the contest "Emotional Attyachar", which, by the way, i was not expecting because my entry wasn't even in the top 10 entries but yes in the top 20. Whatever, i don't care....... i won i won......

Second, i got recognition from one of my blogger friends - June Zach from Fledgling Blogger. As greatful and glad i'm to June for listing me on his list of " Blogs that inspire me", but he also included my blog in the list of seven bloggers, who are celebrities in the bloggers world. Others in the list were Eli Gatanela of "Business Sphere" and the page "Vanilla Seven" - who would also make my list of my fav blogs too. Thanks, June for your support, you have been a great supporter of me and my blog.

Third, "The Way It Is" , that's my blog's name, celebrates Marzie M. Nor or Mariuca or Marzie's birthday. She also makes my list of my favorite bloggers in the likes of June Zach, Monica Yong to name a few. Marzie has been a great supporter of my blog. I remember her buying Entrecard advert on my blog even when i was taking a 2-3 month long break from entrecard dropping. I know she didn't get much of clicks by placing advert on my blog but still she was always there. Her one of the three blogs were always listed in my "Advertiser for Coming Days" and many a weeks when all three of her blogs where there. I thankful to her for every bit she did and her support. Thanks, Marzie for always being here.

Happy Buffday Marzie (i know stupid pic : )
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