Sunday, August 29, 2010

Contact Lenses

I'm a great fan of spectacles. I use to love them always even though my eyes are 6/6. During my school days, i used to borrow my friend's spectacle, just to flaunt it. As i grew, the love just increased. I bought my first anti glare spectacle when i got my first salary. Though, it does gives me a headache, if i wear it for more than an hour but for me it's worth it, at least for me. It gives a different kind of confidence to me which i haven't been able to decipher till now.

Nowadays, i have seen many people using Contact lenses instead of spectacles which i believe is a pretty good choice. It's doesn't give you headache like spectacles. Lenses are more fashionable as you don't have to wear your spectacles which gives you a geeky look, which i prefer sometimes.

Coopervision, one of the giants in contact lenses, give you one solution for your vision correct and Astigmatism issues. These particular soft contact lenses are called toric. Coopervision offers the widest range of toric lenses, lens matrial and prescriptions which means there's a coopervision troic lense for you.

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