Friday, August 27, 2010

Card Games

It's goes back, when i was in school. There were days when we had almost nothing to do like when any of the teacher didn't show up and we would get a free class. One of my friends would always carry cards just in case if we didn't had anything to do. Before that i never played cards and was new to card games likes bluff, rummy, blackjack etc. I learned different cards games at that time. The games were real fun. Me and my friends kind of got glued to them. We used to play it in the school bus almost everyday.

Now, it been a long time i have played real games. Its mostly online and computer games. I have also forgotten to play the cards games like blackjack and etc.I'm telling all of you about it because i found a new place or portal where i'm playing blackjack and other card games these days.

Anyways, some people do think playing cards games is bad. Even, i think so but only if you are putting money into it. Check, the link to find more about the portal.
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