Thursday, August 26, 2010

I want

This incident happened yesterday, when i was tweet chatting with one of blogger friend - Mon (Monica) from Trun-u-off.

She tweeted about the her refrigerator scents like durian. She tweeted, "I was greeted with a strong pungent smell of durians the moment I opened the fridge!". Me, on the other hand, thinking what the heck is a durian? So, i googled it and found these beautiful looking delicious fruit, which by the way, i don't know why i haven't heard of till now.

So, i tweeted back to Mon saying, "i have never had a durian  :( " and at that moment, it hit big time. I thought what if man invents a device or something which can turn images in to real things? Man, that would be awesome. I mean lets not talk about the other bad things which a man can do with it. I mean, then, there will one Priyanka Chopra/Scarlett Johansson  for every guy and one John Abraham/Taylor Lautner  for every girl. We don't have to do anything. We would get anything and everything, anywhere and everywhere.

This is my entry to "My Demand" contest hosted by Indiblogger, sponsored by HP India.  But, i seriously think, they should try making one.
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