Monday, August 30, 2010

ISI North America

I used to love the ice cream and soda when I was a kid; well actually I pretty much like them now too. We, me and my brother, also asked for more and more but were restricted to a certain quantity. Now I can have as much as I want but don’t think I like it as much now.

ISI North America is one of leading brands in kitchen tool. They make all different kind of kitchen appliances like the Soda siphon, which is pretty handy tool especially for parties and get together. Both the Soda siphon and the Cream dispenser use Austrian- manufactured gas chargers, which gets the best whip and the extra flavor.  I liked whipped cream so much that I had to steal it as was not allowed to. If you don’t know what to do with these tools then you should first check how to use them on youtube. I always do that, even I watch some cooking tips too before trying to cook something different. I have been looking youtube for different uses of Cream dispenser and what different things we can make of it.
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