Monday, August 23, 2010


This small incident happen to me this Sunday which was quite strange to me as this was the first time i have experienced it. So here it goes.

Me and my roommate went out to shop for some daily stuff and all. When we were returning, one guy who looked educated, nicely dressed, approached us. But as soon as he opened his mouth, we could smell alcohol on his breath. He was drunk at 10 AM.

He stops us and started talking. He asked for some help. He was so drunk that he was fumbling all the time he was talking but was able to stand firmly on his feet. After, all the philosophical ramblings and stories, he started and which never ended, he asked for money. I have heard about this earlier as some of my friends have experienced it. So, i was firm and told him that i won't give him any money. Especially, when i was sure that he will take that money and drink more.

The strangest thing he said to me was, "Now, you're talking like an American" when i denied to give him money. And i was like, what is so American about this? I'm not at all emotional and have a pretty practical thinking in life. I didn't even feel pity for the guy. He was a well educated guy as we had the whole conversation in English and not in Hindi or any Indian Language. He said that he worked in some MNC as an quality analyst which means he must be financially capable enough to not beg people for Rs 30, which my friend,who i think got emotional[acc. to me] and Indian [acc. to him] gave him at the end. And he maintained, i was too rude and emotionless, i think. 

I know, i'm practical and don't think much with my heart and this isn't the first time i have heard this. But i still think, this is a better way of living then being an Emotional Fool.
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