Monday, August 23, 2010

Martial Arts

I recently saw the new Karate Kid movie. It an amazing story. Even though, i have seen the earlier one but still i was thrilled about the new movie. I think, i started liking martial arts like Kung Fu, Karate, etc after watching them on TV or theater. I saw the movie. It is like a Cinderella story. I loved every bit of it and can confirm that if they make another karate kid, i'll will surely watch that one too.

As a kid, i thought of learning martial arts. But that was only because i felt it was cool. A cool way of defending yourselves. I used to go to the stadium where some people used to conduct Martial arts training. I sued to play cricket there but liked to sit down sometimes to watch the people practicing during my breaks.

There were times when i borrowed some of friends Martial arts DVD so that i can practice at home but i was much bigger fan of cricket to continue with martial arts. It was just a fling which flung as soon as the Karate Kid movie became old. But, watching the new Karate Kid movie brought all that excitement and love for martial arts back but it's still a fling.
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