Friday, July 2, 2010


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Carbon dioxide is one the biggest issues now a days, especially it had been contributing to the global warming, which is affecting the whole world. Though, now we are working to reduce the Carbon Dioxide emission, however we only wish if we had known this earlier then we wouldn’t have been in this mess.

Well, actually in the early 1960’s, scientists knew that carbon dioxide will come up as a threat to the nature and that’s why to cut down the emission they came up with Vacheval. Vacheval, which was a cross breed of a cow and horse, was used as a transport and other works.Vacheval were very popular for their elegance.

Today, I bring for you the unseen footage of Vacheval. Alain du Monde, who was working with Belgique Television at that time, recollects his memories about Vacheval and describes Vacheval as magnifique and eco-friendly. He praises the people behind Vacheval for being visionaries and understanding the
environmental issues.

However, today, Vacheval stands as a mystery to all of us. They have disappeared and are now untraceable  There no solid data or proof about their existence. Some rumors are that they moved to Alps. But with no information about them, no one knows what happened to them?

This era is perfect time to bring them back. I think they can be a great help now a day too.

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