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Mulholland Dr. - Hitchcock would be proud of this movie

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It's been exactly two month since i wrote about Shutter Island and today, i bring another master-piece. Well, now after i have seen it, i have listed it in one of my most favorite suspense movies.

The best thing about the movie is the intelligence, how intelligently David Lynch has, also called the "master of macabre", presented the movie. If you don't understand the movie, you'll find it absolutely absurd but if you do understand the movie, you'll admire the intelligence of David Lynch and you'll, for sure  become a fan of his.


Well, other than Noami Watts, i knew nobody from the cast but i don't know many of the great actors. Well, this movie is also has an ensemble of good actors which brought out great performances  and made the movie an absolute treat to a suspense/thriller fan.

Noami Watts, playing two characters of "Betty/Daine Selwyn", has pulled of her best performance in the movie. She plays a key role in the movie and has totally justified both the characters. It's actually her character which weaves the whole story.

Laura Harring also plays another important character in the movie and delivers a credible performance. She playing the character so convincingly makes the plot more confusing.


"Spoiler Alert" - I'm writing with spoilers to make it understand the movie easily.

The movie starts with Daine(Noami) falling asleep which kick starts the movie and also her fantasy world. There is an accident at Mulholland Drive(dr.) and the lone survivor(Laura) of the accident walks away from the crime scene. But later she finds out that she has lost her memory. She hides out at the nearby apartment in the city whose owner is leaving the city. She gets locked inside. Enters Betty (Noami), who is in Los Angles/ Hollywood with a dream to make it big in the movies. When she finds the girl in her aunt's apartment, who have lost her memory, she tries to help her to find out what happened to her. Then, begins a series of illusions which metaphorically describes the story. However, these illusions are the best part which hides the story and reveals all at the end. When, Daine wakes and finds out guy hired for killing Camilla(Laura) has killed her. Earlier, laura finds out that her love interest Camilla is sleeping with other men and women.

Scene Discussion

The whole story of the middle part of the story was all in Daine's head who was trying to live the ideal life she wanted in her dreams.

First, she picks the name "Betty" from the restaurants where she met the killer.

She also dreams about the director/boy friend of Camilla, is being cheated by his wife too and had to forcefully take Camilla as the leading lady in her movie though she didn't deserve it.

She also shows herself as dead in the movie. 

She also showcases the killer as clumsy to justify the survival of Camilla.

The Club Silencio was also a part of fantasy ......... where they were repeatedly saying that there is no band and still the music is playing which was the metaphor for Daine living a fantasy. Daine/Betty also starts shaking in the club which describes her perception being torn away.

In the end, Daine sees also these illusion about her loneliness after the death of Camilla. So, she kills herself at the end.

Good Things

If you understand the movie, it's all good. You'll love this movie. With prefect background score, prefect direction and awesome performances by the cast, i can say this is cinematic brilliance achieved.

Bad Things

You can only find it bad if you don't understand the movie ....... else, you tell me one.

9/10 for me.
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