Friday, July 2, 2010

A Single Man - A Single, Lonely Man

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A Single Man - well, i heard about this movie during the Oscars this years as Colin Firth was nominated in the best actor male category for his performance in this movie. He was one of the favorites for winning Oscar too because he won BAFTA for the same. So, my expectation were high for this movie for the same reason and also cause it is also rated high at IMDB too.


Well, other than Collin Firth, Jullianne Moore and Ginnifer Goodwin, i knew nothing about the cast. So, there were chances of surprising good performances.

Collin Firth, i have always rated him as a good actor. I have seen a lot of his movies and was always amazed that he comfortable he was even when performing in a multistarer movies Love Actually, The Last Legion  or while playing the second lead in the movies like Bridget Jones or The Accidental Husband. This made me felt that he is one of those people how are absolutely sure of what he is doing.

I have only seen a couple of Jullianne Moore movies and had a feeling that she a matured actress and know how to play characters very well. I was expecting another good performance from her.

Other than the lead character of Collin Firth, there are couple of supporting roles and i liked the performances put in by both the supporting actors. Nicholas Hoult playing the student attracted to his professor, Collin Firth, did full justice to the character. He was so convincing through out the movie. Also, Jon Kortajarena who played a small character in the movie however, left a impression on me that he can come up to be good actor. 


Set in the 1960's, George Falconer, English Professor, whose has recently lost his partner, Jim, with whom he was in relationship since last 16 years. After loosing Jim to a car accident, George is trying to return to his normal life but he can't move on in his life and makes several attempt to kill himself but couldn't do it. He also didn't get the last chance to see Jim when Jim's family disallowed him to participate in the funeral ceremony. He decides to kill himself by the end of the day after doing something which he planned for. He fixes a dinner with his ex-girl friend / best friend. He goes on to spend the day as usual, however, he finds out that one of his student Kenny Potter, is coming close to him. He also meets Carlos, a Spanish guy who wants to be an actor and also a gigolo, who tries attract him.

How the days goes ? Will George fall kill himself or Will he fall in love with Kenny?

Good Points

The star cast lives up to the characters and everyone portrays their characters perfectly. You won't be disappointed after watching this one. Also, as the protagonist in the movie is homosexual or gay, so be ready to see a lots of naked men. The background score will also compliments the movie.

Bad Points

Well, i felt it and may be others too, the movie is slow and may give that draggin kind of feeling.

9/10 from me.
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