Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Work

Hey All,

Some of my friends are really jealous of me being online for more than 12 hours a day. Well, that's my work, not being online but to look for things online which can help me in my real work.

My company is a E-learning company. We makes learning easy. We know that it's easier to understand things when you can see them. Reading and learning so many things from the book is not easy. Well, may it can be easy for a small group of people but not for everybody. So what exactly we do? We give visual representation to what people learn through books to make it easier to understand.

I believe in this work and support it too. Yes, even i always felt that i have a photographic memory. I find it easy to remember faces than names. I remember names by the faces not faces by their names. I think schools should takes this kind of initiative and bring visual learning into classes.

Well, i would suggest to parents to not wait for schools to take this initiative. You can do it too. There are many learning toys which you can bring home which makes learning easier. These learning toys are also available for toddlers. It's not easy to teach a toddler. They are always hyper, dynamic, always playing around, stubborn etc. It's not easy to make them sit at a particular place to make them learn. This is where you need the learning toys. They can play with it and simultaneously they get to learn things.
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