Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Khatta Meetha -- Funny Kick To Corruption

I won't say that i'm a huge fan of Akshay Kumar movies. especially because he is making some really stupid movies nowadays. If i pick up few of his last movies like De Dana Dan, Housefull, Kambaqt Ishq, CC2C, Singh is King, Welcome etc, there is not a single movie which i regretted watching. However, i still try to watch a movie forgetting what the cast and crew had done earlier.

Khatta Meetha, what i believe, was promoted as a comedy, i mean i atleast got that kind of vibes from the trailers, However, it didn't turn out to be one of Akshay's out n out comedies. Thank God to that.

Khatta Meetha was not one of Priyadarshan's attempt to create another laughter riots. I only wished,  if they hadn't promoted it as one.


The biggest attraction of the movie was Akshay Kumar and if you have a comic movie in hand, i don't believe there is any better option. Akshay kumar, Rajpal Yadav and Manoj Joshi - the three usual's of a Priyadarshan movies. All of them have given a good performance.

Manoj Joshi is one actor i want to point out here. I have never talked about his earlier but he is one of my favorite character artists. He has given performances worthy of being applauded.

Trisha makes her Hindi Movie debut with this movie. She is a huge star in the Southern movie industry and have been awarded for her brilliant performances many times.

The cast of the movie looked very convincing.


Kulbhushan Kharbanda
Sachin Tichkule (AK), youngest son of former Judge Kulbhushan Kharbanda- is good for nothing. He is a small contractor, who is always low on money and drowned in debt whereas his brother in law is a big contractor and also runs the family. Sachin, tries to make a good impression on the new Municipal commissioner but get shocked seeing his ex-girlfriend, Trisha, as the new commissioner. Trisha, who's in new to the system and tries to correct it which creates issues for Sachin. He isn't able to clear his bills and thus not able to pay his workers, which means more debt. He conspires against Trisha and gets her arrested by anti-corruption department alleging her to have taken bribe from him. Trisha tries to commit suicide after that incident but is saved. Then, Sachin realizes that he is wrong and pledges to work in honest way. Parallel to that, one of the falt bridges made by Sachin's brother in law breaks killing many people. Sachin, fights for right against his own family and support Makarand deshpandey, who looses everything after the incident.

The story unfolds with how sachin fights against the bad people and his own family.

Good Point

Akshay Kumar, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Urvashi Sharma , Manoj Joshi and Rajpal yadav has put in good performances but there is nothing in the script. I have heard that the original Malayalam version on the movie was a super hit, though, i haven't seen it but heard it from reliable sources. The malayalam version was also directed by Priyadarshan. Priyadarshan was not able to create the magic again

Bad Point

Well, there were many. As soon as the movie starts, with in 30 mins you can guess the climax. There were many scenes which i felt was not required but were kept for god knows what reasons. The music is bad. I didn't even like one song from the movie.

5/10 for me
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