Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ID Card's

Remember, the identity cards you used to carry around. Well, almost all of us still do it; I mean if, you are working for companies who have the photo ID to identify their employee. Identity cards have always been a part of our, at least my life. As a kid and student, I always had to carry my school identity card. Then even after moving to college nothing changed but instead of school ID card, we now had college ID cards.

Identity cards stick with you for life. I got my voters ID card as soon as I crossed the eligible age and have used it for 3 times since then. I, still own a few ID cards. One of the most important is the office one. They won’t allow me into the office premises if, I won’t carry my official.

Recently, I heard about this software also known as the ID card software. It’s a very useful software which you can use to create photo identity cards with all different information with a picture of the person.
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