Thursday, July 29, 2010

Games We Used To Play

The world has come a long way since my childhood. Though, I'm not too old but there have been some serious and drastic changes in last couple of decades. Outdoor games were more popular among children decades ago, however, now majority of kids like video games like Play Station or on computers.

Yes, the outdoor games like football/Soccer, Hockey, Cricket, Basketball and others but where are the other games we used to play like Marbles, stapu/Hopscotch or the wooden toys? I just hope with times these games won't get extinct. As a kid, i was a huge fan of marbles. I was kind of 'the' best in my locality. There only a few kids around who had beaten me in the game and challenged me. Other would simply bow to me while i was playing. You can call be the self-pronounced champion of marbles of my locality. I feel sad that nowadays kids doesn't like playing marbles. It's been ages since i saw someone playing it. Even, in my locality, kids don't like it now.

I wish these games could be promoted more.
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