Monday, April 5, 2010

Traits of Darru

Hey All,

For all non Indian's, Darru means Alcohol and in the whole post, i'll be pointing Alcohol as Darru.

Darru never had a good impression on me. I'm saying it on record that not even a single drop of alcohol have been down through my throat and promise that it' won't happened in the future too. But, today no serious stuff.

Today, i'm reviling some of the drinking traits or "dormant" traits of a few of my friends. I'm saying that these are traits cause i know these are not induced but really are hereditary. Another thing....i'm saying "Dormant" cause they are dominant only when these people are drunk.

NOTE :- As i have not asked for the permission, thus, i'm not taking the names on record..but once done with permission.....i'll also post pictures.

Friend One:- This trait must be really popular with all the lovers or people whom hearts have been crushed. This guy, after drinking, calls all of his Ex-Girlfriends. Yea, he does. I have listened to one of the conversation too. The girl said,"Tu mujhe darru peene ke baad hi kyu call karta hai??(Why do you call me only when you are drunk??)". And, let me add, this is exclusive to his one else. One day i checked with the guy about when was the last time he called his ex-girl friend and he said "NEVER".

Colleague One:- This guy belongs to Kerela(Southern Part Of India). The native language of the state is Malayalam but when this guy is drunk, he only talks in "Hindi" which is no way near to the guy's native language, Malayalam. If you talk to him in Hindi, when he is not drunk, he fumbles with hindi.....but when drunk....though still he won't be fluent but he will answer in Hindi only.......even when you talk to him in his native language. This is one of most hilarious trait i have ever seen. You'll love him when he's drunk.

Friend Two:- He is also "Drink and Call Everybody" guy. But he is not exclusive to ex-Girl Friends or present one's. He tries to call each and everybody on his phone's contact book. One have to really take his phone away. One night he called an international friend and was on phone for close to an hour, that cost some 1000 INR(20 USD), you do the math.
Once he called me and started abusing our cook....."that **&$^$***'s because him all of my friends(whom he was meeting after an year @ college reunion) are making fun of him by calling him 2 months pregnant cause of his spare tire(his new over grown belly)."

Colleague Two:- This guys EGO grows 100 times after drinking. You tell him,"Don't drink, you'll vomit or faint", he comes back to you, "I never vomit" and pours 2 more shots of Vodka down his throat and yea, obviously he vomits and then faints of on the same.....and sleeps on it.......till somebody agrees to help.

All these are real, contact number and social networking ID can be provided, if asked and permitted. :)

Knowing these people is real fun .........Hope you were here.

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