Friday, April 2, 2010

No One At Home

This is one of those feeling which i know was on the way.......and have been trying to ignore and avoid....but every time there are incidents like what happened this Wednesday which brought me to the same place.

What Happened On Wednesday?

Wednesday was important day at office and we all knew that. We started working and fixing up things....cause we had to send the final product to the client. Because, it was a RELEASE on that day.......we all had to stay back at office....till everything was tested to be working fine and it was sent. So we all waited till 11:30 PM in the night where as our work or atleast my work of over by 8:00 PM.
But i didn't mind staying back which is the best thing if you are a bachelor.....i mean no one worried about you at home. You one gonna call you and disturb. There is no one at home for whom you want to go back early.

Then about 11:00 PM one of my colleague, who is married, and was very irritated....cause his wife was call him after every like 15 mins....checking where he was? did he have his dinner? When was he coming back? Then, when the last call came......he told....he will be back in next 15 min and hung up. Then he turns back to be.....and says......"Man, whatever you do......never get married......". I wanted to tell him something......but he is senior to me....and wasn't even in good mood. So i left it.

But, it's good to be married rite? There are good things to marriage also rite? I mean why the older generation keeps on throwing these bad marriage experiences in front of younger generation. This really hurts our commitment feeling. We can't commit to any other kind of relationships. You may not know it.....but you are scaring us(or atleast me) off the institution of marriage. Already there is this "LIVE IN" thing being promoted.......i really hope the institution of marriage doesn't get extinct in the future.

Other than that, i'd love of have somebody waiting for me at home. May, it be my parents, my friends, girl friend or even a wife which is not in the scene. It's good to have somebody, who cares for you, gets worried for you, shouts at you..if you come late and don't call.

I'd like to tell........the other feeling of being at the other end is really bad. There may be some plus points about being a bachelor........but "No One At Home" is certainly not the good thing about it.

Thanks all for stopping by......hope i'm not depressing you people. :)

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