Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Season's First Rain

y All,

Yea, it rained today. It was the season's first rain. I was sitting in office, on my chair with my headphones on and listening to this very loud music. Then suddenly a coldish kind of breeze came in from the window.......though the chill in the air was enough to tell that it was raining........but the pleasant scent when the soil mixes while it rains confirmed that it was raining.

I went out and saw it was raining cats and dogs. I was not expecting it. Yea, i heard that in some parts of Southern India it started raining a couple of days back. But a reaction of that in Bengaluru.......so soon.....wasn't expected. Nonetheless, as you people know or may not know......i love rains. Getting drenched in the rain is always what you'll see me doing, let me add, everytime.

But unfortunately, i couldn't leave office and by the time i left...........rain stopped. So, i started walking to the bus stop and smelling that sweet scent of soil. Though, it was not as good as it would have been in my native, which is Uttrakhand. There is lot of greenery, hills, lots of fertile land and a river at the foot hold of the hill. The smell of a freshly cultivated land fertile land......is so heavenly.....i miss it a lot.

So, i took the bus back to home. I love feeling the wind in my hair.....so i opened the window......because of which the old man sitting beside me gave me a frowned look......but i ignored.....saying to myself.....will close it if he says that.

Don't you love to just hang your head out and feel the air???? I love it. But thought, i'm not a kid now and i should behave. But i did it...........aaahhhh.........it was just awesome feeling. You people should try that.

I tried taking pics of me.....but the Driver started shouting......so i left it.

So, this is it for today..........Hope to see you around. And yea, if i'm not reading you these days doesn't mean you are bad......it's just i'm a bit busy at office.
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