Monday, March 29, 2010

The Other End of the Line

I was video hopping for songs on youtube when i found video from this movie. When i saw that.....i was so shocked that this movie was released in India and i didn't know anything about this movie. So i found more information on my favorite movie database And then tried searching for the movie online.

So, why did i see this movie? Other than this movie has the beautiful Shriya Saran and Tara Sharma to offer in the cast but more than is based on call center life, which is my most fav things now a days.

About the movie, it's a simple story or kind of a Cinderella story if you would say. The movie is based when the call center culture came to India and now they are providing all kind of services. Priya(Shriya) works at a call center for a bank in India and Granger (Jesse Metcalfe) has a account with the same bank. Priya, goes by the name of Jennifer David and pretending to be an American and faking the accent, is Granger's telebanker. Because of some unusual activity on the account, Priya and Granger come together and talk about different things. Priya aka Jennifer, says that she is based in San Fransisco and one Granger asks her to meet her in SF.

Priya, on other hand in India, is tied down by her parents by getting her engaged to a person she doesn't even love. Priya is dreamer and ready to take risks to achieve something. And that's when the twist comes in. She agrees to meet Granger in SF and leaves India to meet him for a trip of 5 days to US.......just to know if there is something between them. She reaches there and on the first day, she gets disappointed because Granger wouldn't even notice her around.
But there ways cross, eyes meet and with some supporting events, they become friends. But how would Priya tell that she is Jennifer David?? Priya ran away from home and now her parents flying to US to take her back.....what will happen there??? and will Granger will fall in Love with an Indian Girl?????

Though the story line is pretty much predicted but for people who love romantic movies ....this will be a treat. Two different cultures coming together is always a fun movie to watch.

Shriya Saran puts in a good performance and is pretty convincing in the movie. Jesse Metcalfe is pretty good with his good old contemporary American looks and also puts in a good performance. Do watch when both of them are together.....their chemistry really clicks. Other than that Anupam Kher has nothing to prove....he is a good actor and has portrayed the character of Indian father of young girl pretty well. Tara Sharma is also good with her chunks of footage given.

Over All...........the movie has a really nice feel. Yea, it is a chick flick..........but i know there are a lot of people who love romantic movies.

I'm rating it a 6 out of 10. Good movie, kind of chick flick.....romantic movie lovers will love this one.
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