Monday, February 15, 2010

Flush Google Buzz

Aren't happy with the New Google Buzz?

Yes, it is more sort of does the same thing as twitter does. Can easily be called as being inspired from twitter with some augmentation being done to twitter and it does the same thing.

I like Google Buzz only cause of the fact that here i know the people who i'm following and responding to their buzzes or they responding to my buzzes makes more sense.

But i also have figured out that there are many people who don't like Google Buzz and irritated of it. As twitter is like whenever you want to you log in and tweet thing but Google Buzz is like you'll see it if you are accessing your mail even though you don't want it to sit there or you go online on Gmail for official purposes and don't want to get distracted by the buzzes always showing up.

Click on the picture to Enlarge it.
Well there is an option to disable the Google Buzz, which in case you haven't seen it right under the same Gmail window. I disable and enable Google Buzz in accordance to my need and you can do the same with out any hassle.

Here's the picture.....hope it helps.
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