Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happiness - The State Of Mind

Being a scorpion(yea, that's my sun sign), it's not easy to be in single state of mind for long. We Scorpion's are very fickle in nature and have a very volatile personality especially watch out for those mood swings. We are very observatory of thing going around us.......which makes it difficult for Scorpions to concentrate. Do i have any Scorpions in House today??

I'm in a good mood right now cause when i was coming back from the local super market i saw a girl....who was sitting backwards on the scooter with her dad and was ecstatic about it. One more thing which struck me during that minute how easy or rather difficult it is to change the state of you mind?

This was a pretty small or simple instance which you people must have witnessed a hundred of times.....or there are many other small things which may be insignificant to you but changes your state of mind for that very moment. A toddler dancing in the metro, an infant looking at you and you start making strange faces to make him/her(which you may not even know) smile.

Then, this also reminded me of "3 Idiots" the movie where the lead character Ranchod Das aka Rancho aks Phunsuk Wangdu used to talk to his heart and tell him that "All is well" and when explained it in the movie that our heart is a very stupid organ or tell him(her for girl's heart) that everything around you is well nothing to worry about and it will calm down, though you may be in extreme danger. 

Though i never found it this easy to convince my heart that everything is well when it wasn't..........but can guarantee that if somebody can do that, not on big screen but in real life, he would go one step closer to being a god. I believe only god as said to be the mightiest can do this.

At the end.....everybody keep your senses open...and observe and enjoy the little small happiness around you.
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