Monday, January 25, 2010

Indian Republic Day - 60th

We'll be celebrating out 60th Republic day tomorrow - 26th Jan. India created history by coming the largest democratic nation on 26th January 1950. I read a blog post from one of my fellow and fav blogger, who wrote about how Republic Day means just a holiday, a day to eat out, watch movies or meeting relative or friends.

As, i always try to stand a different stand on everything, though i may be on the wrong side.

Kumoan Regiment

My whole family is into government services and have always encouraged me too. Leaving the new generation of my, earlier pedigree were all into government jobs, may it be holding the offices or in army.I have 4 relatives working for DRDO as Scientists. I don't have direct cousins or relative in or serving Indian Army. But, we do have a soldiers in our pedigree.

I belong to the Kumaon region of Uttrankhand, where there are many young boys go for the Indian Army. I remember when i used to go home, families with their sons in the Army always had to tell something about their sons and i always loved to enjoy those stories.

At my teen's, i also tried to get into the Indian Army. Gave exams but was never so bright to be picked up. But i did get my chance. It was the last semester of my graduation, when the representatives of Indian Army came into my college for offering UEC, which was an entry to the Indian Armed Forces. I did clear the prelim's - The GDs and the Interview. Then, after one month, i received a letter from them asking me to come to Bhopal Cant. Area for another testing round, clearing which will get me into the Army. It was the last hurdle, i was excited but after 5 days of work out, i was dropped or sent home. I felt bad and was thinking about it while coming back to Delhi from Bhopal.

This was the closest i came to being a Army Men.

This Republic day would like to congratulate everybody cause we are the part of democracy and we are somehow responsible for it to complete the glorious 60 years of pride. I'm expecting everyone to do anything especial but just take a moment to appreciate the effort of the people because of whom we are what we are and we are where we are.

Thanks for being here. JAI HIND.


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