Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shift + Delete

Hey all,

I missing you all since the day i have taken the break. It's not easy to live away from blogging. Today, i did get time and in perfect mood to share some pics also.

Last week have been pretty dynamic. I had bad days and good days.

Two reason i have titled this post as SHIFT + DELETE.

First, One of my secondary blog has been SHIFT + deleted. It was pretty hard on me cause it was major contributor towards my online or blogging earning.
Second, i bought my self a Christmas gift. I know it's to late to tell this but who cares.....the important this is that i bought it. I bought a 1 TB(Tera Byte) External Hard Disk from Seagate. From now on, i won't have to SHIFT + DELETE any thing from movies to picture to videos from my computer. I can save and cherish them for my life, now.

I also bought a book for me and will be learning a new language..... :) i hope so.

Here's the pic:

 Yesterday, i mean Sunday we went to a Ice Cream Parlor, though i wanted to take the picture before emptying the glasses but i couldn't resist as soon as the ice cream was served, i ate it thought at least i should put the picture of empty glasses.

He isn't sleeping, it's just that i'm bad at photography. So people stick around, i'll be back with something new.

Thanks you all.

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