Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gift towel wraps

Hey, the festive season is here and there will be lots of celebreations, partying and gifts. Talking about gifts, i saw some gift thingy's while hopping around on the net which i think can be handy. You can suggest some of your ideas and what are you gifting this Christmas????

First are these are the towel wraps. Something you can get or present someone you living with.......and its will be pretty handy for you cause then you don't have to watch'em walking naked around the house.

Now this one is for girls, "Terry towel wrap". Totally a girl thing. However one the best thing is that you can customize the color and many different things and can watch how it looks on their web page.

Then there is one more gift personalized duffle bag. These are carry bags, available in different colors and you can get you name written on the them.

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