Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday -- With some Words

Hi Friends,

Today is wordless wednesday.......however i have some things to tell. First, today is the Birth date of my friend or you can my BFF. He will 23 today. I have already wished him.

Here's a bit of history about us. He was the first person i knew in my college. We met on the first day of the college during orientation. Since then we have been together. He always was better than be in studies but i was better in other things.....i think so :)

So Happy B'day to him.

You can reach him on following links..........just posting it........i know no one does......but i can do this bit atleast from my side.


or you can mail him

And here's a pic which i took last saturday, when me and friends ate out... \,,,/and yes i was behind the camera again.

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