Thursday, September 10, 2009

House Hunting

So, finally the house hunt for me is over. I was living with my roomie..........who was my classmate in school, so it was kind of comfortable with him because i have known him for some 7-8 years. I moved in with him some 4 months back and its been good 4 months. Then, just a month more of our friend moved in because he was new to the city and needed a place before finding a place and settling down.

So after a month the last roomie moved out and cause of some thing.....i'm also moving out. I was looking for a new place for some time like a couple of weeks and now i found one. Its closer to my office then the current place is now. I'll post pics as soon as i move there. I'll be moving there by the end of this month.

But i'll miss this place, this is the first place when i moved into this city. I kind of started to get famillier with the people and places here.
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