Monday, September 7, 2009

Stress Buster

I know you may have heard it from many women. But, let me give a man's vantage point towards the same. Firstly, I never thought of it like this.......but shopping is my new stress buster, this may sound a bit girly, but it is not.

Ok, another first stress for the day friend reminding of home. Sunday late nite, my friend had a thought of flying to his family a couple of week later for an especial festival. So, we certainly talked about home and the fun. IMPORTANT NOTE :- i have recently moved out from my home to a new city some 2500 KM from my home and this is the first i'm living away from my family. Also, may be in your part of the world, its usual that kids leave their parents and live independent but that's not the same here.
Cut to today morning - I was feeling so low today morning.....that i felt sick...........headache and all.......probably because of less sleep. So, i also took off from office today. Then, i thought what would make me i called some of my friends and we went out. Then, we were roaming in the mall and i saw this pair of shoes. And i know, i wasn't in a bad mood......i would have never bought them. But today, i just lunged towards them. Although, i did require a pair of shoe but not this much expensive.(Price Tag - I'm not publicizing it but you can make a guess and i'll tell you how far or near you were.)

Then after the day was over........i mean it is 12:12 AM mid night, rite now here in India. And then i realized, why i bought these kind of gives me internal happiness.

I know you all have a stress buster................and think you may have realized it earlier than me. So please, tell be about your's too.......

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