Friday, August 21, 2009

Decisions -- Using Mind Or Heart ???

Which one are you........???

I can say, as people told me, that i'm a person who thinks from heart, always and when i say always i mean always. Many instances i have where i made decision by my heart. Probably that is why i'm not a good deicision maker or intelligent decision maker. I also think.....being an emotional fool you can not make an intelligent desicion.

I always thought that i'm not a good decision maker....and i also make sure that i don't make any important decision only by myself.....i know this isn't a good habit because it's going to hurt me a lot in the future.

One think, i have started is to make my decision work. Never regret your decision.....and even if you do....never let others know that. Back your decisions. People say thinking negative is not good.....i don't think that........thinking negative is because of fear.....and fear is good.....cause it keeps you don't make mistakes that much fear is on your mind.

Know may not be a good preacher......... but that's what i have seen.........Chau.
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