Sunday, August 9, 2009

Being Mr. Chandler Bing

Hello, this post continues from where i left. Mr. Chandler Bing.Some more instances of "Being Mr. Bing".

Recently, i have completed the season 8 and 9 of FRIENDS. I never thought that after what Chandler and Monica and gone through and the kind of relationship they had, and how she always use to reject him in season 4 and at the end, they end up together.

Some of the new Chandler moments.

This is one of my fav. He and Joey is a pair of friends you can bet on. When Chandler describes his dream house to Monica, he also mentions a room in the attic or the garage for Joey to live in. He was prepared to take care and gaurd his friend.

He never let money be a barrier in his friendship. The scene where Joey was angry with Chandler for sleeping during the premiere of his movie. Then only i got know, Joey never paid rent for last 2 years and Chandler was still with him.

Chandler's friendship with all others.

No need to tell about him and Joey.

With Ross, my fav was the one when Chandler and Ross discuss about their sexual fantacies just because Monica and Rachel used to do same. So Chandler says ''when i'm doing it with a gal and suddenly all the beautiful women you have seen, and suddenly from no where you picture your mom...... and you think ..... Mom .....what are you doing here.......... " and Ross goes like what the hell you talking about????????? carzy man. Also Ross was his Best Man. How awesome is that......your best man is also your wife's Big Bro.

I also remember how being Mr. & Mrs. Bing freaked him out that he almost abandoned the marriage. Then when i got to know that he'll soon be a him clam and he came back for the wedding.

Chandler getting a job for Phoebe in his office and also the breaking off together thing.

How no body used to rate him good on physical strength. How he never used to cry and how they try make him cry but was not able to.

And i think Chandler was the person who knew kind of ALL SECRETS of group.

I know i have still left a lot of things out or probably forgot about it. Please add anything if you think is missing.

Give me more Chandler moments.

Chandler Bing was the best of'em all for me. He rocked. \,,,/
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