Friday, August 14, 2009

Out Of Idea's

Hey readers,

Today is really a blank day for me till now. Since last few days, i have been covered till neck cause of the work and also there have been some changes regarding the personal life and my home. These all things has engulfed me till now. But somehow i got time write again for me and you but today is such a blank day.....that nothing came into my mind.

There are a lot of things i can write about.......but god knows why i don't want share those things.....i have always been like this. I only like to share happiness thats why i don't write about the other things.

Just a few mention. My city.....yea i call it my city now....although i'm pretty new to it, just 3 months.....but i want to call it my city. Ok, My City is been terrified with SWINE FLU. One lady died of swine flu yesterday. This is the first case in Bengaluru. But everybody is so terrified that no one is leaving home without a sergical mask. When i went to the bus stop today.......i saw everybody wearing the MASK and yes, i was the only one .... not wearing it. It felt as i was standing in a operation thearter.

People sitting beside me in my cubicle are wearing masks......... what should i do? is wat i was asking to everyone i know cause this is a new city to me.

This swine flu is creating a hovac here. I'm still confused, is it that serious? Whole India is under the cover of Swine flu they say. No one is safe. Till date......18 people have died cause of the same. Schools, colleges, mall and many other public places are closed for a week. The worst affected city is pune. Pune registered the first swine flu death in India.

I, praying for no more deaths and peace for my people. Hope this doesn't go ahead and swine flu ends in the world.

God save my people.
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