Friday, July 31, 2009

Gora(Whitey) Accent

Yes, the following story i'm telling you is a real incident. This is one of those funny call center experiences which you laugh at and when you recall them, you more. I have worked for a call center and i know how funny and loving people can be.

So here it is. Once i was sitting with my friends and cubemates and one of my friends gets a call from this really interesting person. My friend greeted the person the same way as we to all the users who call us.

Friend - Thanks for calling. I'm FRIEND. Can i have you name plz.
Caller - Hi, my name is ABC.
Friend - Hello, sir. So how may i assist you?
Caller - well today morning when i started working with my laptop it started giving me these error messages and its now not even starting.
After some questioning my friend found this issue will take time.

Friend - well this issue will take to resolve. (to initiate a converstation)So where are you calling from?
Caller - I'm in ________.
and may i also know where am i calling?
Friend - ohh yes, you are calling India.
Caller - Okkk... India yea its a beautiful country. I have been there for 3-5 times. Well i also know Hindi.

(Then what came was upexpected)

Caller - Hey you can talk to me in your language too. I know Hindi. You should have said "Aap kaisa hai?(means How are you ?)"
Then i would have replied as "Main accha hoo in my Gora accent (I'm fine in my white guy accent) "

The response from my friends was a laugh. They both laughed on the call for like minutes. This is a very famous instance between we friends. I wish i had that caller.
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