Friday, July 31, 2009

Being Mr. Chandler Bing

Yea, well i'm starting this series with Chandler beause he is my fav from the show. If given a chance, i'll give him the oscar for the character. Also its just not the character which makes the combination work but Matthew Perry brought the life into this character. Chandler is one funny and extreme intelligent but Matthew's excellent comedy timing makes the character so loveable.

Ok, FRIENDS started showing Chandler as the guy who is always ready to get hooked but is different that the his room-mate Joey who is kinda Casanova. Chandler has a guy kind of impression which was shown early in the first season when one of his colleauge asked him if he could get him a guy date. Then all of his friends also confirmed that they also thought of him as gay person when they first met him. But chandler is not gay.

You'll find many instances where you can actually find more the character other the usual attributes you'll notice. One of another chandler moment is when he upsets the enthusiastic Monica who was trying to get him out of bed and go for a jog. Then after upseting her he dances into his bedroom. This instance showed how intelligent he can be. His presence of mind and spontitity makes him so admirable.

Next instance, when he gets that superbly sexy girl(don't remeber her name). The gal featured in what i suppose was season 1. Chandler starts the affair with just phycial relationship, no strings attached but after that he starts feeling for her and asks her to leave her husband and two other boy-friends. This showed he always wanted a true relationship not just physical.

Then one of the best of Friends Janice. Janice and Chandler's relationship was the most entertaining parts of the series. Chandler who hates Janice but always runs into her here and there. God knows why they always meet eachother again and again and chandler always starts something with her but after sometime he realizes its Janice and he can't stand her and same none of his friends stand Janice too. This instance shows the partial immaturity that the character always carried.

One more instance which i want to bring up in this edition of Being Mr. Bing.

The day when the annoying person who lived under Monica's grand mother's apartment dies and Chandler finds how simillar he is too the guy. He thinks that he'll also become like him alone with cat. This instance showed how insecure he was even when he was surrounded by such awesome friends.

I'll be breaking this post into two because there a lot for me to write. So the next post will be soon. IF there is any thing i missed out please then bring in your comments.
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