Monday, July 27, 2009

Sleep Talker's

One of the new things which i discovered. I knew it from the start, i mean since last....8-10 years. But this is the first time its getting a problem and that is because after my childhood, i'm sharing my room with my friend. At first he also got scared when he heard me first time but now its much better. He is kind of always expecting this everyday.

One of the most strange thing about me takling in sleep is the language is speak. I talk in English, damn it....... English isn't my mother language and not even my primary language. Yes, i use english to communicate in the day but that is because the people i work with, we have only english as a common language. But still the fact that i talk in english while sleeping makes me feel wierd. I mean why not my mother tounge......hhhhhh......leave it.

Moving on.
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