Monday, July 27, 2009

Changes Are Here

Yea, i never thought that my life will change. I hate changes so much that still i want to get back and make everything exactly as it was. But i know, change is the natural phenomena. I have grown. Moved out. These are the big moments of your life. Need of compromise.

Some of the things i have lost while moving from my Teens to responsibilities :

1 Cricket - Man i miss my cricketing days. Its not that i can't play now but its really tough to get people around you raise up to play cricket. No one wants to, also i know time is a big issue. But i want to, i can take out time for it but no body else. But i know one day, i'll be back there.

2 Movies - If you are wondering why i have almost stopped writing about the movies and everthing......... cause i'm not watching much these college life, i used to watch atleast one movie a day on an average but now......its not even once a week and the main or primary reason for this is Time which i don't get now.

3 F'n'F - I miss my friends and family. I never thought they would ever mean so much to me. And yea, you will never know till the day you go away. I left my home, my city for job and moved to a new place. Yea, i have friends here......but still i lived there for 21 years of my life. Its not that easy.

4 Blogging - Yea, another thing. I liketo write. One place i can express no matter what happen. I like being here. But another issue with blogging...... i get time only in the weekends to do it. But i make sure i do it atleast on weekends and visit you all in the weekdays.
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