Friday, July 10, 2009

Saekjeuk shigong -- Sex Is Zero

I have seen a lot of sex comidies. Yea, i have also gone through my teens and loved most of these movies. SuperBad was my fav of them all and most of the movies i have seen have been from the west. But this one is from east, not the first korean movie i have seen(i'll write about them later).

Ok about this movie. It has all the content, i mean you'll get to a lot of boobs and butts in this movie(so as a teenager, your dream comes true). The movie has a really funny character as the main lead, you can say that. I really liked that guy(sorry can't give out names here cause sorry again.......their name ain't that easy to remeber or pronouce). Moving ahead, the girl in the leading character was like the best and beautiful girl but one thing more.....its really hard for me to distinguish between girls and guys from east...........they all kinda look same ..... sorry if that hurts too.

Ok, more about the movie. Movie has some really awesome comedy scenes, OMG i was laughing so loud people behind the wall could hear me easily. Some of the jokes were tacky, people eating shity things and doing shity things.

Leaving that apart, the good thing about the movie is the main story line which ends up in a superb fashion. The love story, how it twists and turns in the end were awesome. The scene were the main lead male character is trying to make her laugh but manages to get only tears ........awesome. I don't cry that much during sex comedies but i did and that is something i love about the romantic movie.

This is a awesome movie. If you can rent it or watch it on theater.........go to the torrent site and download this movie from the internet. This movie is worth your time.

7/10 Stars
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