Friday, July 10, 2009

99 -- What is happening to Kunal

What the Fuck is Kunal Khemu upto these days. He is developing into one of those actor who are disappointing me everyday. I mean he raised a lot of expectations when he made a comeback or debut as a main lead and carried it very impressivly. Also following on with another typical Kunal Khemu style in "Traffic Signal" but after that its always been a slump. Look at the choices he made. And this is another movie to that string also.
When the trailors started, i was like excited, its a kunal khemu movie must be good and also with a really impressive cast. People like Soha ali khan, Boman Irani, Cyrus Brocha and Mahesh manjrekar who have done good work many a times. But i think the weekness of the movie was the screenplay and direction. I thought after watching the movie that could have been shown better on the screen.
The only thing good i found about the movie was the song, goes like "Aaye hai badshah". That's it, yea that's it, there wasn't even a single good about the movie that i could find.
I don't know anything about the technicalities of the movie making. Take me as a lame man or layman, what i wanted is some entertainment and the movie couldn't even live upto it. So won't suggest to watch this movie. Save you money.
3/10 Stars
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